ABQ London is resuming its operations in Shoreditch as a semi-permanent establishment in a re-designed RV. The cocktail/recipe list has also been redesigned for the re-opening.

ABQ operated their lab for four months last year. They cooked up cocktails with over 9,000 people! For two months, they innovated their business by refurbishing the RV and making a new, more molecular, cocktail list. The RV is now able to accommodate the full experience for groups of two, four, six and eight people. The inside has been inspired by Breaking Bad and modern industrial design to have something for everyone.

“With the success we have had with ABQ, it was wrong not to consider making it a permanent venue. We are opening in Shoreditch and plan to make it into a permanent place where people can come cook, enjoy and drink,” said Seb Lyall Founder of Lollipop, the group behind ABQ London. “I would also like to personally introduce a new concept to the drinkers of London – Flavour Tripping,” he added.


“Our customers would be able to “cook” this cocktail in the RV and experience the magic and science which makes a drink change its flavour after the first sip.”

Other cocktails include: Fly (A Coke caviar based drink) and 505 (a smoking lychee and rose martini). Customers are able to make the crazy cocktails from start to finish. Bookings – though limited – are open from the 4th of February. ABQ cooks Thursday through Saturday from 6 p.m. until midnight. Those wanting to take advantage of this cool experience will be requested to bring their own base booze for the acids, chemicals and potions provided. You’re sure to enjoy the Breaking Bad style cocktails.

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