The Inner Circle is carving its way onto the London Dating scene by employing a new tactic where it values the quality of its users over the quantity.

Online dating has become ingrained in the every day life of millions of people in the UK. Most dating apps look to have a vast quantity of users, with Tinder recently passing the 50 million mark. However is it possible that UK daters are suffering from too much choice?

The Inner Circle claims to counteract this by personally reviewing every registration resulting in a user base that consists of like-minded, young professionals. We spoke to David, the founder of The Inner Circle, to find out the reasoning behind this process:

“Sometimes too much choice is a negative thing and online dating seems to have become a time consuming game of endless swiping. We screen every user to ensure quality, but also honesty where profiles are accurate representations.”

Their founder believes the curation process helps to save time and facilitates “genuine, long lasting connections amongst compatible people.” Research suggests they might be on to something here as relationship experts believe we do indeed look for partners we have things in common with.

“Yeah sure the concept isn’t for everyone, but that’s kind of the point. At least you know with The Inner Circle you will come across like-minded people who share the same zest for life.”

For The Inner Circle they place an importance in bringing the online experience to an offline event. Hosting regular exclusive events, in unique venues, provides the perfect meet-up opportunities in a safe and relaxed environment.

With over 45,000 people on London’s waiting list, The Inner Circle approves only the most inspiring Londoners. Register now and see if you fit the criteria.

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