Clothes shopping on a student budget in London


Student living in London isn’t easy. It’s an expensive city with everything from transport to drinks adding up. We won’t even mention rent prices. Of course, one of the best ways to save money is to go without; stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol, try to stay in and cook at home. There are some things that are necessities not luxuries however, and one of them, for the time-being at least, is clothes.

If you’re going to wear clothes – and even if you’re not a fashion fan you’ll have to at some point – you might as well look good. Many people think that to look good costs a pretty penny. This does not need to be the case. Here are some tips to help you look good and save money whilst living on a student budget in London.

1) Uniqlo is your friend

Japanese firm Uniqlo is enjoying an explosion in China even as sales decline in its home nation. Regardless of its sales abroad, London has several large Uniqlo outlets, so it’s one to get to know. They offer exceptional bargains and high quality products; it’s excellent as a place to get your basics, your casualwear, and in particular jeans and shirts. Last but not least, they offer a student discount.

2) Primark – embrace it

If you’re one of those who believes themselves to be above Primark, here’s one word for you: stop. Primark is a student’s best friend, and if you’re a student living on a budget in London, you can make it a BFF. Trends are closely noted in other stores and mimicked for a fraction of the price. Granted it’s still a case of picking the wheat from the chaff but at those prices, it’s certainly worth it.

3) Charity shops (in the right areas…)

London is a big city, and as such has its fair share of people looking to be rid of their secondhand gear. By going to charity shops, especially in London’s wealthier areas such as Chelsea and Notting Hill, you have an excellent chance of picking up a bargain.

As long as you’re okay with wearing last year’s Yves Saint Laurent, this is a great way to spend an afternoon and ensure you acquire some outfits for drastically less than their RRP.

4) Roll up, roll up! London’s markets

Whilst David Jason may have retired from the stalls, London’s market scene is still going strong. You’ll have to invest some time to find a bargain, but rest assured, there are bargains to be found. Both Brick Lane and Spitalfields are not bad options, whilst Camden Market still offers value for money if you have a good look through.