Felipe Pantone, an established graffiti artist, decided to abandon letters and instead create graffiti that embraces the world of cyberspace. In this artist’s first U.S. solo exhibition titled “W3­DIMENSIONAL,” he drew from kinetic and op art and was interested in portraying graffiti in a digital way. His exhibition will be held beginning 30th January and end 20th February at the Mirus Gallery in San Francisco.

He drew influence from Teilhard de Chardin’s 1950’s theories, which proposed ideas about the universe’s expansion. By creating art in a 3-dimensional form, Pantone emulates this idea by expanding his work from a flat to dynamic surface. His creativity and innovation established his capabilities of capturing technology in an interesting way and the vibrant colors and compositional chaos leave us wanting more.

Here are some of our favourite pieces:


Image Source: http://pant1.tumblr.com/