After Hours Cocktail Bar

JaguarShoes Collective presents Afterhours at M. Manze, Islington.

Afterhours is the latest pop-up bar to be launched in London, serving curious cocktails every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, running for 6 weeks throughout March and April.

JaguarShoes Collective, founder of Afterhours will embrace the beautiful historic Art Deco establishment, M. Manze, as its new go to spring hotspot.

M. Manze art deco inspired interiors

M. Manze art deco inspired interiors

Afterhours will transform the space embracing the 1930’s interior. An eclectic cocktail bar will be created with a modern style drinks menu to reflect the unique decor.

Bespoke and authentic concoctions will be on offer as well as bottled beers and a variety of other drinks.

The weekend launch will host The Oyster Boys with an in-house bar serving the freshest oysters.

By day M. Manze restaurant, located 74 Chapel Market, Islington, is favoured for its pie and mash signature dish, but throughout spring evenings it will be Londons newest innovative pop-up cocktail bar.

Established in 1902, by Michele Manze, the venue has continued their popularity through traditional recipes for over a century in the unique space. The evenings will provide a new alternative take on the charm M. Manze has to offer with this exciting project.

Evolved from DreamBags, JaguarShoes Collective are a production team of artists who run East London events, supporting arts and creativity. JaguarShoes produces special products, parties, events, collaborations and creative exhibitions.

JaguarShoes Collective ‘provide platforms for creative talent’ and this is assured with Afterhours  inspired venture.

Afterhours will run from:

3 March – 16 April, 6-12am, Thursday – Saturday.

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