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Nespresso Talents 2016 is calling for the best filmmakers to Explore your extraordinary. By creating a short film, filmmakers get a chance to be  invited to the Cannes Film Festival this year. Also, the selected films will be showcased during a private screening during the Cannes Film Festival so it is a great opportunity  for young filmmakers to share their talents. Nespresso Talents is presenting a challenge to create a film that explores what you find extraordinary, whatever that may be.

“We believe that your everyday moments can be transformed into something extraordinary. These indefinable, incomparable and meaningful moments that add that little something, that uplifts your everyday. Explore and share your extraordinary,” stated Nespresso Talents.111

The difference between this contest and other short film contests is that these films must be shot in the vertical format (9:16.) For a whole new experience viewing film, the artists will have to think in different dimensions. Films have a maximum length of three minutes. The only other requirement is, of course, to be original.

All film types and all genres are invited to try this unconventionally framed approach. Action, animation, documentary, fiction and multimedia can each lend a different perspective to the vertical format. This forces filmmakers to think differently about how to their techniques and ideas to life. Cameras for filming can be anything from smartphones to DSLR to digital animation software.

A jury of experienced filmmakers from around the globe will be judging the competition. Three selected filmmakers  will be invited to and announced during the Cannes Film Festival on 12th / 13th of May. The Jury includes Nespresso Chief Customer Officer Alfonso Gonzalez and three talents selected the help of Berlinale Talents and the Semaine de la Critique team. The three are key film industry players who will shortlist 20 videos and pick the three selected filmmakers. President of the Jury, Gaëlle Denis, is a French-British emerging feature film director. German Jury member Erik Schmitt uses innovative filming tricks and techniques and is writing a feature film. Lastly, Jury member Eva Weber has won multiple filmmaker awards in documentary and fiction. 

To enter the contest, head to Userfarm and start filming vertical. Take your most extraordinary moments and capture them in a new way. Ensure that filming them in 9:16 vertical format will be the best way to exhibit them and your talents. Technique, format, style and storytelling will all be used differently in order to create vertical film. Make an impact and bring your passion to this format of film. Stories can have more impact when told the right way.

Explore your extraordinary.