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KOrea, JApan and TaiWAN combined make KOJAWAN, a bar, dining and art space. KOJAWAN was designed by London design and branding studio, Blue Sky Hospitality. Based on cultural, culinary and artistic crossover between the capitals, it is one of the most unique pan-Asian restaurants in London which doesn’t even try to offer you an “authentic” Asian dining experience.

KOJAWAN is designed with both European and bold Asian style in mind. The restaurant features more than 50 pop art pieces curated by Blue Sky Hospitality founder and creative director Henry Chebaane. Inspiration for the artwork ranges from scifi to literature to Anime. Inside, a “real virtuality” shows digital culture made into actual sensations. Because the bar doesn’t represent Western expectations of Asian dining, it has been proudly identified as “genuinely inauthentic.”

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All artwork by KOJAWAN: www.kojawan.uk