Ulo is a secure interactive monitoring system for your home.

Taking the form of an owl, the innovative technology was created by French designer Vivien Muller.

Ulo uses two LCD screens positioned as eyes. It features a two-way mirror that disguises its night-vision camera and built-in-motion sensor.

Live video can be streamed from your home to your android or IOS device, when it is in this mode, its eyes will appear squinted.


When battery is less than 10%, Ulo will appear sleepy. Ulo will blink, when capturing a picture and its eyes are able to follow movement in a natural way via motion detection.


‘Eye expressions are an efficient, natural and universal way to connect instantly with Ulo. No logos or icons are displayed on the screens, but you instantly know what Ulo has in mind, ‘ said Vivien Muller, inventor of the gadget.

Colour, shape and size of the eyes can be controlled through the Ulo app or website, it also has a rechargeable battery which will last up to a week.

‘It is a very simple way to check what is going on in another room or when you’re away, Ulo streams directly using video and audio on a secure webpage or mobile apps.’ Muller added.

To activate Ulo with wifi, a gentle tap on its forehead will awaken it, without wifi, alert-mode will activate if you double tap instead.

Ulo is a very cute house security system which although is novel provides a well designed and efficient service to users. It has a variety of uses including, security, protection, interactivity and video stream.

Ulo provides an inventive digital technology with an ingenius twist.

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