Using movie stills and reality, artist Francois Dourlen creates new scenes. With iconic scenes from cartoon and superhero movies, we can see how those characters would turn up in everyday life. Dourlen lines up every detail seamlessly. The only thing breaking the scene is the white border of his smartphone. The disconnect makes the scene that much more humorous. The scenes make you think of where else you might see a movie scene in actuality.

Not only are Thor and Simba assimilated into reality, even Jack and Rose are sailing a new Titanic (this one is on land.) Edward Scissorhands found a new use for his hands beyond hair cutting and landscaping – preparing food in the kitchen. You could purposely or accidentally be reenacting movie scenes, like the rock climber-turned-Peter Parker.  Next time you see something familiar, it might just be a movie scene in your reality.
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All artwork by Francois Dourlen: