As Spring comes to an end this May, you will have a great exhibition to look forward to. Curious Duke Gallery will be hosting metal artist Dan Rawlings‘ first UK solo exhibition. The show is called ‘Untranslated,’ and keeping with the ‘curious’ theme, is eccentric and unique.


Rawlings turns objects he finds into art. Untranslated will enlarge Rawlings’ hand cut metal artworks into shadows on the walls of the gallery. The artist named the show Untranslated after his interest in words that haven’t been translated into English. The collection will center around untranslated words. For example, Waldeinsamkeit means a feeling of connectedness to nature when in woodland, contradicting the consumer in all of us.

The shadows portraying untranslated words on the walls shows people in a simpler life. The soft shadows and laser cut metal create a paradox.


DRawlings East Mersea





All artwork by Dan Rawlings: https://danrawlings.wordpress.com/