Victoria and David Beckham have been depicted as classical renaissance figures with a modern celebrity twist in the latest London street art to appear from renowned artist Pegasus, with Victoria Beckham said to be “very flattered”.

The twin street works, in which David B is modelled on Michelangelo’s David while Victoria is inspired by the ancient Greek Venus de Milo, appeared last week on Princelet Street, off Brick Lane, London E1, and the originals are about to be sent to the Beckhams.

Pegasus, most widely known for his depictions of Amy Winehouse, David Bowie and, most recently, Prince, and for a Hollywood appearance outside the most recent Oscars, said: “The Beckhams are idolised and loved all over the world. They are a strong power couple. I wanted to rework classic art that has been admired for centuries such as Venus De Milo and The Statue of David and turn them into modern day celebrities.”