The Cloud light reacts to sensors and code to create this inspiring entertainment and unique interior piece.

Designed by New Zealand based designer, Richard Clark, it features a motion triggered thunder and lightning visual performance, generating a mini indoor storm cloud. Integrated as well is a music-activated visualising speaker and a reactive lamp mimicking stormy clouds.

Music can be streamed from any bluetooth enabling device and resonates through the powerful speaker, this adapts to different environments, brightnesses and colours.

Its interactive design enables users to create an ambient unique experience which is immersive through its responses, light and ‘visual feedback integrated speaker’. Easy programming methods means The Cloud is adaptable for users and this allows the ability to create new, more intimate experiences and storms.

The Cloud is a combination of smart design hardware and physical computing within the home; according to Clarkson, “The Cloud celebrates collaborative code, free-sharing and accessing prototyping information.” An innovative breakthrough for user-friendly programming and generating a personalised visual display.