Selfies and beards seem to be everywhere these days from Tinder, Instagram, Facebook to your evening beer in the pub with mates. Adriano Alarcon is Sao Paolo-based photographer, who found an entertaining way to explore this social trend.  He is redeveloping beards popular not only among modern hipsters and expand it into series of selfies he took of himself.


After growing a beard for over four months, when it came to it shaving he has turned the process onto a two-day self-portrait photography project. In Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop, Alarcon features images of fifty percent shaved and fifty percent unshaved beard. He’s covering the other missing half with odd everyday use objects starting with toys, candy, bugs, pins, ants, puzzles or even popcorn. Just like he wanted to reconstruct it back with everything he found on handy.

Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-10Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-9Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-5   Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-2Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-3  Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-7