Once upon a time, in a ginger wonderland. Freckled kids might have been called out as Pipi Lamstrung twin brother or sister however, today freckles are becoming a fashion trend that somehow everyone wants to wear. Although for some of us, no matter how long will our skin be exposed to the sun, there would not be a trace of a single gingery spot appearing anywhere on the skin.
That’s until Remi Brixton started the project “Freck Yourself”. It comes from a genuine love to those little, beautiful skin marks. She’s initiating the trend on the global level, giving everyone a chance to wear freckles for at least 24 hours.

When Remi was founding “Freck Yourself” about five years ago, she believed that: “There’s nothing more beautiful to me than fresh skin and bare freckles. To me, they’re a mark of rebellious dreamers,  wild adventurous and unapologetic natural beauty.”

The set of “Freck Yourself” contains a template and applicator. All you need to do is to glue the template simply onto any location on your face, paint over it, peel off and enjoy the beautiful almost natural freckles for about 48 hours until they wear off.

Despite failing to reach the aimed amount of $ 215K on Kickstarter, Remi is not giving up and continue to push the idea and her product onto the makeup market.

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