People on Facebook is the latest project created by Giovanna Giuliano, Italian based artist and a graduate of the Fine Arts Academy in Venice. Working in a field of graphic design and illustration artist is revealing a series of pictures showing ‘us’ as daily social media users.


Working with a clean style, she is aiming to expand the idea of an everyday use social media platforms such as Facebook. Giovanna Giuliano in the project ‘People on Facebook’, uses different examples of the various situation behind our social media selfs. The artist is featuring people in several sceneries from eating noodles, chilling on the sofa, to us spying on people and exploring how social media users are judging each other on the web world.

Giovanna main focus is directed towards editorial illustration. She enjoys drawing new subjects and discovering opportunities that lead her to explore new colours, shapes and perspectives.


Visit artist website to discover more of her artwork – http://www.giovannagiuliano.com/