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Madrid-based and Vietnamese born photographer Tran Viet Ha’s latest project is featuring renowned Japanese actress and Miss World Model 2010 & Best Actress of the Florence Film Festival 2015 – Maya Murofushi.

XIAN – Myths of the Beauties is conceptualised photography project, inspired by four great beauties of ancient China. Diao Chan, Yang Guifei, Wang Zhaojun and Xisi contributed to changes in the history of four different Chinese dynasties. These women were renowned for their unparalleled beauty, which they used to exercise influence over kings and warriors.

Tran Viet Ha have collaborated on the project with two other artist, Edith Chan and Maya Murofushi that she have first met in Madrid last summer. The project is aiming to showcase Asian beauty to the world, and to take the wiever back to thousand years ago, to the ancient China.

Viet Ha is a Vietnam-born and Spain-based fine art photographer known for her emotionally dense and endlessly compelling photographs of women. Her art emphasizes fantasy and imagination as a source of aesthetic experience. 

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