‘Between Seasons’ is a series of amazing photographs created by Mariell Amélie. Norwegian born and London based photographer is discovering the challenge of being torn between two very different societies. ‘Between Seasons’ is inviting to discuss the highest moments in one’s life, but it’s not aiming to talk about seasons of the year.


Seasons are a creative way taking the series onto the different surface, discussing the journey of the life consisted of loneliness, changeless of adulthood and growing up in different cultures and societies.

Mariell Amélie has been growing up in a small rural island above the Arctic Circle. Having got inspired at the early stage, Mariell has started to presume her career in photography. Her personal artwork continuously and consistently seeks to retrieve connections relating to human and nature. Her art is full of emotions and journey balancing the surreal and the ordinary aspects of life.





Check out other artwork by Mariell Amélie here http://www.mariellamelie.com/