A major breakthrough has been made by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They’ve developed the quickest stretchable, wearable circuit in the form of “smart skin”. A move that would surely pave the way for the next generation of wearable gadgets.

Through wireless technology, the “smart skin” can allow its user to do literally everything, from monitoring their vital signs to tracking their runs, or even control their entire house. According to the research team the circuits are structured in a particular way.


Each circuit is made up of two twisted-pair transmission lines that then repeat in S-curves. This type of construction allows the circuit to stretch without breaking and protects it from outside interference. Their main use will be for hospitals, initially.

While wearable technology is a step forward for many tech companies these days, the idea of smart skin is off-putting to some consumers because of the dystopian imagery it brings up. Specialists in topics about transhumanism would argue that people could be tracked remotely through bar codes on their skin. The circuit is almost an equivalent in that regard.


Nonetheless, this technology could help benefit disabled people. A simple gesture could raise or lower a room’s temperature, while a quick tap on skin can turn the lights on or off. Some scientists are even researching ways in which the smart skin can “simulate” heat and touch on prosthetic limbs.