This summer ICA will host an exhibition devoted to Detroit: Techno City. It will be focusing on the evolution and the timeline of Detroit Techno since the 1970’s up to until the early 1990s. The exhibition will kick off on 27th of July until 25th of September 2016.

The genre reaches back to the disco parties of Ken Collier and developed from local radio stations and DJs, such as Electrifying Mojo and The Wizard (aka Jeff Mills). The exhibition will be exploring the links between generations, their inspirations and development of the ew kind of the electronic music that was then adapted by the formative UK compilation Techno. The music genre, among others, was also formed by inexpensive analogue technology and formed by DJ and producers such as Juan Atkins, Blake Baxter, Eddie Fowlkes, Derrick May.

Even thought their music failed to become mainstream in the US it most certainly did in Europe and had established Detroit Techno as a new strand of music. The display will feature and also focus on Underground Resistance ( a group of DJs and artists) who was aiming to challenge to mainstream and commercial music industry to re-establish a name for Detroit techno as authentic.

ICA will partner up with NTS Radio accompany the exhibition and feature Detroit artist during online programmes.