‘Sun to Sun’ is a girl centred version of a classic Japanese folk tale – “Momotarō”. Amazing and breathtaking scenes were filmed in Kamakura, Fujisawa and Tokyo. Partel Oliva are re-telling the story initially made about the boy, who came to Earth inside a giant peach. Momotarō was found floating down the river by a woman. While washing her clothes, she discovered a peach however, when she was trying to open it, she came to a realisation that there was a little boy hidden inside.

KENZO Pre – Fall 2016 short film tells the story from an another, girl based perspective in the modern word. Just like in the tale, the childless family have taken care of the girl and named her Momoko. The plot follows Momoko and her crew of Harajuku queens and bikers.

Years later she travels to an uninhabited island to face demons (oni). ‘Sun to Sun’ features animation by Sanghon Kim and music by legendary collective Geinoh Yamashirogumi.