In an effort to highlight the importance of hidden price hikes that are used by broadband companies, Relish UK set up a shop in Soho Grind. A hidden camera was placed in the shop on 23rd June while a fake coffee barista surprised many Londoners with an unnecessary fee. Each Londoner was offered a discounted cup of coffee if they signed their name on a cup. What they didn’t realize was that they were actually agreeing to a 12-month coffee contract through the company. To say most were unhappy would be an understatement.


This project follows a recent report by Relish UK that noticed the financial realities many Brits face when it comes to signing up for a typical broadband offer. These offers tack on additional fees that can cost people more than £150 a year. With the hidden camera footage, the company has created a video called ‘Be Careful What you Sign For!’ to help urge customers to check the terms and conditions before purchasing a package. Relish UK is priding itself on being a broadband provider that implements no hidden charges for their customers.

Image/Video credit: Relish UK