The fragrance company for men has unleashed a new campaign that focuses on confidence for all men. No matter the color, sexual preference or appearances, the brand is for anyone. Three new style were introduced to the line. These styles commend men on finding their own magic in their lives and deciding what works best for them. Whether someone is looking for adrenaline, urban or a more signature scent, the company has a fragrance that is designed to add that finishing touch. Each of the fragrances can be used to kick start anyone’s day, add some class to the look or bring out that added edge to the style.

In a new campaign launched by Lynx, it isn’t about having a six pack to make an impression. The company is ditching the traditions of featuring the perfect or ideal man to sell the fragrance line. Instead, the company is imploring men to find their own style that adds the finishing touch to any outfit. The fragrance addition is like a hat, or a tie. It gives the subtle scent that ties everything together in the end. Use the product to find your own style that is completely your way.

Along with the campaign video, the website features ways for men to switch up their styles and find out what works for them. The lookbook for Lynx shows ways that men can dress up their lives with information on how to wear a suit, different comb over hairstyles and style essentials. The company isn’t just focused on selling a singular product, but an overall brand and idea that the company wants their consumers to take away from. The lookbook reaches out to all types of males so that everyone can use the information to find their own personal style with the Lynx products.

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