In July TFL will host a transport design inspired one day long pop-up festival to celebrate London transport heritage. Set to take place at Regent’s Street, an exhibition will feature some of the most iconic, historical parts of London Transport, from advertising posters, old carriages, Heritage buses to the real 1927 Tube Train.


The festival will kick off on Sunday 3rd of July as a part of Regent Street’s Summer Streets programme which will set one of the busiest London streets free of traffic for one day each week until the end of the month. The exhibition will be divided into three parts where each will investigate the past, present and future of London Transport design, from Picadilly Circus to Oxford Circus Tube station.

Transported By Design is an 18-month long showcase that will run until December 2016, previewing various events and activities that are aimed to raise the awareness of the rich design heritage held by the Transport For London.



All images are from: https://twitter.com/ltmuseum