GIRLS is a creative photography project by Chinese photographer Luo Yang. The artwork will be displayed in Berlin at MO-Industries. The photographer is focusing on the new generation of women in China, showing new upcoming cultures. She’s identifying and facing stereotypes and expectations put towards modern women, that are now becoming more self-aware.


Luo Yang is Beijing-based arts who’s featuring GIRLS as somehow bad asses yet insecure women who even though are very self-aware, but on the other hand vulnerable and torn. Yang has been taking photographs of girls based on her, trying to get the understanding of their lives, and finding connections between them. Those girls shares same ambivalent emotions, confusions and concerns. The final images are very intimidating, explorative towards the subject of youth and femininity that challenges modern women in China.

Luo Yang was born 1984 in Liaoning, China. She’s now working as a freelance photographer in Beijing & Shanghai. She was named by Chinese most know artist Ai Weiwei as one of the “rising stars of Chinese photography”.

Girls is a part of an exhibition crested by MO-Industries, a POP-UP Gallery project staging cultural exchange between Asia and Germany.