Sveta Dorosheva is Ukrainian freelance illustrator based in Israel. All images created by the artist comes from areas of narrative illustration, editorial illustration and art for books.

Sveta is currently working on a new book that will feature some of her childhood memories. The melancholic, nostalgic and beautiful images futures some of far away memories of the artist growing up in Ukraine. Most of her illustrations are done traditionally by drawing by hand on paper. Her artwork is inspired by fairy tales folklore and mythology and images are full of symbolical meaning.

‘My Childhood” futures series of illustrations that are entitled with her new book. The project started when a couple of years ago, she become to draw different stories like fun accents and observations about her own kids. While she was holding sort of a journal of them on Facebook it becomes to gather a wider audience. The artist was approached to write a book based on those illustrative stories.


The project is a combination of her experiences as a mother and combined with illustrations based on her childhood memories. It also faces differences between the generations along with common childhood freshness of perception.


The see other work by Sveta Dorosheva visit her Behance account