Luis Dilger is a creative designer from Ravensburg, Germany who works is based on a field of graphic and motion design. His projects are created with a unique mixture of simplicity, elegance and innovation.

Luis Dilger has created innovative and specially dedicated to European Football Championship in France poster series. Those unique three-dimensional city maps are featuring all French host cities of UEFA Euro 2016.


Mostly known from his previous projects “City layouts”, Dilger once have said about his work: “Topography, architecture and traffic routes give every city a unique structure. These conditions create the typical and individual inner structure of a city.I didn’t only want to show these structures in a conventional way from above, but also including the exact three-dimensionality of topography and buildings”. The final effect of City Maps of France project is breathtaking and right on point.

For more vist artist Behance account:  https://www.behance.net/luisdilger