Lor-K is transforming the ideas of street art by taking old mattresses and turning them into her own sculptures. This French artist new project ‘Eat Me’ focuses on taking objects and creating a new identity for them. Each of the items that she utilized is found abandoned. She then takes the item, specifically old mattresses, to create different exhibits on the Parisian sidewalks.

What interests Lor-K in using old mattresses is the emotion that this item evokes to the viewer. An old mattress exudes the ideas of disgust and abandonment. By taking that piece and using old fabric, she is able to recreate the items into something that makes people stop on the sidewalk to look. Urban space is able to become something of food temptation.

Lor-K starts an interesting conversation about the food put into peoples bodies daily through her ‘Eat Me’ exhibit. If the viewer would be disguisted to eat an old mattress, though it now looks good, why shouldn’t they be disguisted to eat certain ‘edible’ food. While some food might look appealing, it actually isn’t healthy for our body to consume due to the products used to make them. Her sculptures range from pizza, to massive sushi rolls, to a large burrito.

This isn’t Lor-K’s first project that uses abandoned items to create art. She tends to find inspiration from different items on the street for all the art exhibits that she creates.


To view more of Lor-K’s street art, go to https://www.facebook.com/Lor-K-635175336536863/

Image credit: Lor-K