Penguin Books are celebrating their 80th birthday by realising a charming picture book featuring nothing other than a penguin story. It’s an imagined tale about a penguin who made it’s way into history as the symbol of a beloved publisher.

A lovely and lonely Antarctic penguin has made his journey to London by dreaming of adventure. In 1935 he takes the one in a lifetime opportunity to become a face of a brand new publishing house. The penguin wins the competition and so begins his adventure through New York and hears of readers around the world.


The Journey of the Penguin was designed by Emiliano Ponzi, who’s considered as one of the most talented illustrators of his generation. Ponzi was honoured by numerous awards and has won multiple medals.His style is unique and vital with strong graphic compositions. He creates contemporary scenes with lush brushstrokes with a use of conceptual metaphors that are defining and communicating the concept. The Journey of the Penguin is telling the widely imaginative and fun story only through the image.

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