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A new solo show by the controversial artist Marcus Harvey will unveil at Jerwood Gallery starting 16th July. The leading British artist and YBA from Leeds first reached critical acclaim after his controversial portrait of child killer Myra Hindley. The portrait was featured in the Royal Academy of Art Sensation exhibition until it was destroyed by paint. Now Marcus Harvey is back with a new solo show that examines what it means to be British. He uses a combination of painting, photography and sculpture to explore the pop culture and current history that is key to being British. One large sculpture features Margaret Thatcher in the nude. The exhibit ‘Inselaffe’ will center around Marcus Harvey’s most recent ceramics. Other art and historical references include collaged portraits of Nelson Mandela, Napoleon and Toy Blair.  Along with the different iconic figures represented, there will be items such as military memorabilia and joke shop knick-knacks. The exhibit will run until 16 October as part of the Hastings’ Root 1066 Festival at the gallery.

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