This is an advertorial

Safestore Self Storage, a company that celebrates peoples’ stuff and works hard to give options for storage has released a new promotional campaign featuring the unique collections and power of preservation from different clients. The video series will feature a number of people, one of whom is a London-based taxidermist, Suzette Field.

Field’s collection showcases more than a hundred different animals, all preserved in what she considers Mother Nature’s beautiful work. Suzette Field sees the animals as the best type of art because they have been put into the world by God. These animals are meant to be preserved, in her opinion, for all to see and take in each animal’s natural beauty. From swans to mice to deer heads, Fields collection has an aesthetic quality to it that reflects the historical and scientific purposes of preservation. She sees the animals as the door to allow for many people to study them and watch how nature can change through the years.  The video series captures Fields passion for what she collects and why she believes it is so important.


Safestore is working towards featuring others in the company’s new video series to show what collections and stuff is important to them. Marketing Director Dave Cox says “we’re reacting against the notion that to be happy, you need to live in a white, pristine, minimalist box. We’re championing stuff, because stuff is great”. Safestore will continue to use its campaign to celebrate the things everyone loves and showcase people with collections of stuff that should be cherished.

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Campaign Hashtag: #StuffisGreat