Davide Cabassi Chabas has started his journey with photography in 2008. Since then he has been participating in various collective exhibitions. At the edge of The Circle: The Border of The Light is his graduate project from of Photography in Brighton.

The Border of The Light is touching areas of the state of people who are dealing with depression and borderline visualised through the use of different media such as film and deeply engaging photography.

He identifies the idea partially with his own experience and draws inspiration from his personal memories and confrontation with other people affected by the same state of mind.
The project analyses all aspects of depression and borderline influencing daily life routine of those who struggle with it. The project slowly converts from personal memory documentation to more general aspects. Chabas is mixing his own memories and feelings, with different states of mind that kept him company for many years. His talking about issues that relate from daily nutrition to sleep, sexual life, lack of feelings, apathy and losing of willing to achieve daily goals, life goals.


The Border of The Light is also relating to the consciousness of those who are struggling with the illness, aiming to raise awareness about everyday life with depression and borderline. Explaining the feelings of where the willing to achieve success is high but it’s not anymore the important thing. He’s confronting the” boredom of this is a state of mind that brings people to forget the difference from a day to another, from a person to another, the importance of social life, of the inside of life”.