Head Chef Marco Moscoloni developed a 10-course tasting menu that offers a range of flavors that make the guest feel like they are getting an authentic Italian meal. Vicino’s is an Italian restaurant out in Parsons Green that for years has delivered authentic cuisine to the client base. This holds true with the new menu offerings that are being tested out in the kitchen. The hope for the 10-course tasting menu is that it could be used for groups that want to try a little bit of everything when they go out and dine.

The first three starters started the dinner off with a burst of fresh and vibrant flavors. The tuna tartare sitting on a fresh avocado gave a very cool and elegant taste in the mouth that differed from the other two starters. The prosciutto with fresh figs and goats cheese had the perfect balance of flavors while the apuila cheese and grilled vegetables added a needed bitterness to the mouth that contrasted the other tastes.


Each of the main courses provided a different component to the already delicious meal. While one would hope that the pasta would taste good at an Italian restaurant, that is not always the case. But when it came to Marco Moscoloni’s pasta for Vicino, there wasn’t a single flaw. From black ink squid linguine to egg pasta dusted with truffle shavings, each of the four main courses were bursting with a variety of flavor. With a range from lobster, to scallops to a beef sirloin, there was the perfect amount differing flavors to satisfy any palette.

IMG_2397 IMG_2391

To wrap up the entire meal was three desserts that were plated beautifully. There was a tiramisu, profiteroles and a white chocolate passion fruit cheesecake.  The dishes were plated with fresh fruit that added to the overall flavor of each desert and provided plenty of sweet tastes to wrap up a delicious evening.

Vicino’s provides customers with a familial environment the instant they enter the restaurant. From delicious food to friendly staff, it is an evening that works as a date night or for a family event.

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Note: All items from the 10-course tasting menu are available to order a la carte from the restaurant’s menu with most items at a great value costing below £15.