Julian Schulze is Hannover born and Berlin based photographer. He is mainly focusing on the Abstract & Surreal genre of photography. He loves bold colours as well as colour combinations and compositions. “I like the simple things in everyday life”.


He’s art is focused on geometric abstraction and minimalistic compositions. So we can find in his latest series of photographs “About the Many Different Ways to Geometric Abstraction”. All images were taken in the cities of Berlin and Munich. Schulze is portraying a variety of methods that could be used to create an abstract feeling in his photographs.


One of the most important things in Schulze approach is to identify freedom from objective context, the interplay of colours, and of course the composition of geometric patterns. You can easily find a rotation of a photograph, that is being used as another powerful method to create an abstract feeling to his images.
For more geometric images visit artist Behance account ->

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