Dank - Crop (1280x677)

A new feature was added to the Global Street Art website supporting street art and artists. This feature allows for street artists to legally book walls around the area to place their work. Global Street Art is a hand painted advertising agency and street art organization. They are the go-between company between artists and landlords or developers to help bridge the divide that street art can sometime create. The new feature ‘/Walls’ is an initiative spearheaded by the company to help create painted cities for everyone to enjoy and live in. The project hopes to help allow more accessibility for street artists in the public space. High profile areas around London will be provided to different street artists that reach out to ‘/Walls’. Global Street Art works to help reduce the restrictions that are becoming more and more apparent for street artists. Currently the group has three spaces available as well as two trial areas for artists to use. This project is playing an important role in the street art movement and what the impact the type of art has on a global scale. Global Street Art hopes to build the new program to help artists gain more recognition and exposure. The mission for the program is to “live in painted cities”.

Sr X (2) (1280x927) Pref - great eastern b (1280x446) Mart (2) (1280x960) Amara (2) (1280x850)

To learn more about the new feature, go to http://globalstreetart.com/walls