Social media is one of the best ways to reach customers for announcements of new events, products or information that a company wants to release. With the growing age of digital media, a company needs to manage social media effectively to capitalize fully on the features each site has to offer. Sotrender services provide companies with social media tool that analyzes sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help them capitalize on the growing benefits of using the sites.

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The social media tool tailors its analytics to the type of business that is run. Whether a company is a small business, large company, agency, or big agency, Sotrender ranges that benefits that it can provide. On top of providing analytics from different social media providers, Sotrender also uses other features to help customers capitalize on their digital footprint. The website will look into the competition of the specific industry to show what other companies are doing that is working for them. It will also analyze the audience and type of followers that a company is curating. This helps to understand the types of users that different posts are reaching, including demographic data. For users that are looking to have a plan for publishing posts, Sotrender helps garner different proposals for how to publish and release content on sites like Facebook.


To set up a free trial on the website doesn’t take a credit card. All that is needed is information on the different sites that the user wants to to be analyzed for their company. After three easy steps, the user is all set to learn about different analytics that can be used to improve any company. No longer will someone have to figure out how to interpret any of the data for themselves. Sotrender will not only collect data and information for the user, but will also provide its own interpretation and recommendations.


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