The elusive Pejac developed his first major exhibition to premiere at the London Newcastle Project Space. The new show will feature new work from the artist and runs from the 22-31 July. Pejac is best known for his work that sparks conversation about both social and environmental changes that need to happen in society. The most recent series that ignited interest throughout the public focused on the Palestinian and Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. To lead up to his new exhibit, Pejac installed pieces called ‘DOWNSIDE UP’ all around Shoreditch to lead up to his exhibition. Each installation can be found on Redchurch Street, Shackwell Street and Granby Street. The installations feature individual shoes going against gravity by being held up by shoes laces on a street light. The installations go against the ideas of what gravity would typically do when hanging on a street light. The Barcelona-based artist is notorious for taking familiar images and re-inventing them in a public space. Pejac does just that by taking the familiar image of shoes hanging on street lights and other public structures, but this time he changes the shoes into something of his own.

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To view more of Pejac’s work, go to http://www.pejac.es/#law-of-the-weakest