Twisted_Landscapes_Surreal_Swirls_That_Look_like_Portals_to_Alternate_Worlds_by_Nate_Hill_2016_05Twisted Landscapes are series of images created by talented Australian artist – Nate Hill. By using the powerful tool of photo manipulation Hill is creating a fascinating and surreal world. Twisted photographs are exposing a subject to powerful nature and imposing a mysterious atmosphere around it.


Hill has been taking photographs from a very young age, with his first Minolta camera. He studied photography as a prat of a visual arts degree at Monash University. Over the years his love of photography has never faded and he developed a strong passion towards landscape photography. Nate Hill in his artist statement explains that “photography was now one of my artistic expressions outside of music and work.” He’s also passionate about capturing moments from a slightly different perspective “I aim to shoot more than a portrait. I want to capture a special moment that will last a lifetime. A little piece of art that will be cherished.” – explains.

Twisted_Landscapes_Surreal_Swirls_That_Look_like_Portals_to_Alternate_Worlds_by_Nate_Hill_2016_02 Twisted_Landscapes_Surreal_Swirls_That_Look_like_Portals_to_Alternate_Worlds_by_Nate_Hill_2016_08Twisted_Landscapes_Surreal_Swirls_That_Look_like_Portals_to_Alternate_Worlds_by_Nate_Hill_2016_03