ABQ London is back after a 3-month long stint in Paris where there was a 22,000 long waiting list to enter the bar. This Breaking Bad inspired bar caught interest from Londoners across the area, so it only made sense for it to pack up and head back to where it was originally created. Set in a large RV, 28 ‘cooks’ will enter the bar at one time to create their own make shift cocktails using molecular mixology techniques. Each person will receive a manual upon entry to explain how to make the different cocktails.


The first cocktail for the evening is Saul’s C2H6O created using freezing and carbonation qualities. This will produce a semi-frozen cocktail with rum, pink peppercorn and rose hip. The cocktail is then served with a candy solution garnish and crystalized petals of an edible violet.

The second cocktail that patrons cook is called the Blue Flynn. Using acidity indicators, the drink is created to change colors with the addition of acidity. It is a rum-based cocktail infused with strawberry. Instead of adding citrus juice, though, flavored acids fill the drink. The final act for the cocktail is pouring the Blue potion into a glass bowl suspended above the lab station.

ABQ London officially re-opens on 5 August and will run on Wednesdays through Sundays. Tickets cost £30, which includes two hours in the RV, two cocktails to cook and three to drink.

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To learn more and book tickets, go here.