In Jingzhou, China, a new statue was unveiled standing at 58 metres tale and weighing over 1,320 tonnes. The man represented in the statue is Guan Yu Park, a famous general in Chinese history who is now viewed as a god. Guan Yu Park is known as the God of War, but this is a common misconception of his role. He was a general but that doesn’t mean that he necessarily blesses everyone that goes to battle. Guan Yu Park is observed for being a god believing in brotherhood and righteousness. He lived during China’s Three Kingdoms period and is featured carrying a Green Dragon Crescent Blade. The blade alone weighs 136 tonnes.

Now his bearded form is for all to see in Jingzhou with over 4,000 strips of bronze cloaking his body. Han Meilin designed the statue and is best known for his designs of the 2008 Beijing Olympic mascots. The goal for the new statue is for tourists alike to come and view Guan Yu Park. On top of tourists being able to view the outside of the statue, Guan Yu Park is so big that there is a museum inside. The museum is expected to open soon for visitors to view the history behind the great general from 200 AD and learn more about the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history.

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