Andy Kehoe elevates the ideas of storytelling through his artwork loaded in mystery and mystical elements. From first glance people are transported into the fantastical world that Kehoe creates with riveting colors and characters that he has dreamt up. His recent work features creatures that appear both humanlike and animalistic. These creatures help transport everyone into a new world whether it be a mystical forest or mountain top. Andy Kehoe is inspired by his love for nature and to tell a poetic narrative about the possibilities our world can offer. Each of his artworks adds both drama and emotion from the different strokes that bathe his characters in vibrant colors and light. With the addition of a celestial sky in many of the paintings, the viewer can’t help but be transfixed by the new worlds.

With the use of oil and acrylic paints, Andy Kehoe is able to create each enchanting scene. He paints them on top of a layer or resin to help build the shadows and dimensions or each scene. Kehoe has also been known to use clay in some of his artwork to add a sculptural element to the pictures. This creates more texture and can add to the depth of the story that he wants to tell for the viewer.

Currently his work can be viewed at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York. His newest exhibition, ‘Fantastical Romanticism’, is on display until 23 July. The exhibition is inspired by the Romantic art movement back in the 19th century and delves into ideas of individuality, emotion and drama.


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