In the aftermath of Glasto when all the festival goers are onto their next festival or just somewhere else, Glastonbury town, the community behind the infamous event is all year round.


Glastonbury town itself is situated around 5 miles from the site and many residents follow an alternative spiritually-led lifestyle, elfs, fairies, wizards, medieval folk all stroll the highstreet. It is described as a New Age Community whose beliefs incorporate that of Neopagan and The New Age.


Tabby who works in The Cat and Cauldron, blonde and wearing a glittery leotard with matching bright pink eyeshadow told me, “some people believe they are witches, wickers and magical, we have so much random stuff in here vamperism, taxidermy, rare herbs and healing, tarot and spiritual awareness things, literally packed.”

Crystal shops, book shops containing mostly magic practise, spiritual centres and an abundance of vegan cafes and restaurants define the highstreet including, Man, Myth & Magic, Fragrant Earth, Chocolate Love Temple and Gothic Image.

“People move here to find themselves, I just like the different spiritual routes here. There are faery balls and events regularly, many goddess conferences, medieval fairs and people with elf ears around sometimes”, The Speaking Tree bookseller Adina said.



With roughly two chain shops (co-op and a boots) and most of the people around are attired with some sort of headwear or celtic forehead tattoo, it is the spirit of the festival played out in a small, friendly community.


Dreads, mohekans and hippies doing their thing “no-one gives a shit, no-one bats an eyelid,” Tabby added…

If you are going to Glasto in the future or you just want somewhere you can wear a cloak and practise magic without being judged, you really should drop by this place…