An established provider of professional education for people at all career levels, GSM London,  is set to inspire people from all walks of life with a powerful message: ‘When you have bold dreams, there are no limits to what you can achieve’. Featuring spoken word artists Mr Gee and Glitch, stars of London’s thriving performance poetry scene, the videos hope to persuade that even if you have no formal qualifications or you’re returning to study after years of working or child-raising, at GSM London you’ll find a learning experience to suit your needs and aspirations.

Mr Gee – one of the UK’s most acclaimed spoken word poets – uses his unique talents to engage and inspire a more mature audience. His message is simple: Don’t let your past define you and don’t be constrained by work or family commitments. When you put your mind to something, anything is possible.

Glitch – herself no stranger to adversity having lived on the streets aged just 15. In her own style, she encourages young people to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams. The message is clear: Don’t be deterred by what others say and don’t let negative attitudes hold you back. There’s great potential in everyone, you just need the self-confidence to unlock it.

While Glitch and Mr Gee were the headline acts, GSM London students deserve a mention too, since both of the videos were created with their help: from appearing as background artists to reporting live from the video shoot on social media. This hands-on approach is typical of GSM London, where all degree courses have a strong emphasis on students gaining practical experience to enhance their employability.