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Jungle’s are pretty cool and that is why we are super excited for Backyard Cinema to unveil their latest inventive creation in South London, wait for it.. a jungle themed cinema of course!

It will screen a variety of films from classic family favourites like The Lion King and Hook to hollywood blockbusters like Jurassic Park, Predator and Rambo amongst many more.

Located in SE1 and launching on 16 September it guarantees a new cinematic experience including real tropical trees, plants and an all-together immersive event – well who wouldn’t want to watch their fave films basically in a jungle, right?


Ticket holders will enter through curious temple ruins as they journey towards the “Lost World” to find a state-of-the-art cinema kitted out with a huge screen and top audio equipment. Also available will be jungle-esque cocktails from the bar as visitors take their seats on the comfy giant beanbag seating as the environment transforms from its lost world into a cinema.

The production team – Halo productions – have also been the creative minds behind other such ambitious projects such as London hot spots Tokyo Nights from Night Tales and Summer Tales.


“We can’t wait for people to experience the Lost World. This is a theme that is close to our hearts, this is a true homage to the action and adventure movies we grew up on and keep coming back to. We want to enhance your nostalgia for them by creating a real sense of adventure as we take you on a journey to another world. A great excuse to all be kids again for a few hours. Just imagine watching Hook, in a JUNGLE!” – Dominic Davies, company founder

Backyard cinema started as a small idea with a passionate founder and it has since evolved into a theatrical entertaining ambitious source of adventure and the unpredictable. Having hosted immersive experiences both in outdoor and indoor locations, using props, actors and in-depth scenery, the company continues to push the boundaries for cinematic encounters, with the highly anticipated “Lost World” set to be another original innovative venture for the team.

All we want is to watch a film which is based around a rainforest/jungle whilst seated in this environment and finally we can… It is sure to be something unmissable.

Ticket options are as follows:

Child Ticket – £9.50

Standard Ticket – £16.50

Cocktail Ticket – £25 (comes with signature jungle themed cocktail)

Date Night Ticket (for two) – £65 (Comes with x2 tickets, Bubbly, popcorn, ice cream & blankets)

Purchase tickets and see full film schedule times here