A brief walk around South East London is kind of like a free garage sale, everything is everywhere and all of it is a bit tatty but useful and ranging from slightly to completely broken.


But amongst all the dodgy electronics and lack of fridge doors, it is actually quite a good way if you are flat broke to pick up things if you are feeling a bit crafty, a DIY day – the real reason #motivationmonday was created.

It is a rarity to walk around Peckham, the overground line or even parts of Shoreditch and not be tempted to pick up some kind of obscure bric-a-brac. At some point it could be the thing you are super in need of, perhaps a uniquely sized miniature cabinet which fits perfectly into that recess in your room or a rare shade of lilac, woven square-based lampshade – who knows.

overgroundThe overground map in case you weren’t familiar – aka hotspots..

Have you ever thought where does all this shit go? Items which now possess no use to its previous owner are tossed onto the surrounding streets, literally. I mean no-one really wants a toaster without dials or a rusty clothes rail (apparently my flatmate does though) – if you see one, hit her up.

Just last week they [my flatmates] drunkenly brought home a tatty broken pool table with no legs which was literally hanging by threads (until it fell apart) from Brockley – always a good free furniture area if you are ever in need (have a little look) – to use as an alternative table. Only until the next day to realise maybe it wasn’t the greatest find as they had previously preached the night before and there may well have been a legit reason it was abandoned along the walk to spoons (that being the Brockley Barge of course).


This is the one ^

Did the people who left their no-use-for-them goods ever consider where there final destination maybe? I mean probably not, I wonder if these people also pick up things that they stumble across? The best is when during ‘tablegate’ they mentioned they saw a different table on the same infamous trip to spoons that they really wanted. It was the table, you know the one, and the plan was to collect it on the return, but no the sought after furniture piece had been snapped up by some other drunk reveller.

Let this be a lesson, the good stuff goes first.

Why not? Springs to mind when such gems are found along main streets, and the best thing is no-one would challenge you if you did pick up said space heater or exotically shaped brass curtain pole and carried it around as if it were new that day. I encourage you SE goers, visitors, overground line mincers or strangers to see what you can find on your jaunt round the neighbourhood.

Here are some of the best pictures from the week that were obstructing the pavement on various routes I took.



Fridge – fully intact


That is your space heater..

13059718_10207679989450024_609480060_n (1)

Microwave as assumed,


Full on obstruction..

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