Pop up shops are all the rage in various corners of the country right now, but no more so than the Big Smoke. Quick, convenient and very popular, the prospect of setting up a pop up shop is an exciting venture that could lead to amazing opportunities if you do it the right way!

Market Research:

Particularly in a market that is quite saturated like retail, it’s incredibly important to keep your eye on the competition, note down what they’re doing, highlight their strengths, their weaknesses, ideas that they may executing that you could potentially execute better.

Don’t forget to make a note of any products or services that are all soaring – whatever you do with your pop up shop needs to be worth the investment!

Pick The Right Location:

Location is a vital part to your pop up shop. Not only that, but the security that you will need to put in place to ensure everything you put into your business is safe. Check out the infographic before to ensure you’re taking the right precautions.

That Business License:

Make sure you’re complying with the correct business sector and make sure that you have the right license to run your pop up shop! Try this tool to find out if you’re on the right lines.

Intruder Proof your Home Pokemon Go Style
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