Brits know what kind of day they are in for by 8.12am, according to a study by The Berry Company, as it reveals today that we have ‘one of those days’ once a week. To ensure as many people as possible have a ‘berry good day’, The Berry Company has taken to the streets of Shoreditch to test the theory of whether it’s possible to turn someone’s day around in those crucial early morning minutes.

Good news is that Brits can find a way to turn their day from a dog’s dinner into a winner and pull themselves out of their morning tailspin. Forty one per cent find that taking a few minutes to relax and regroup helps to lift their spirits, 36 per cent put on their favourite tunes, and a quarter turn to a healthy meal. Spending time with friends, getting out to do some exercise and even petting a cute animal are all ways Brits give themselves a boost after a moody morning, while over a third receives a mental as well as physical health kick after some fresh fruit. Not so great news is that a third of us say the cause of a potential black mood is our partner, while a quarter name our boss as the culprit.

Khaled El-Yafi, founder of the Berry Company, said of the news: “We are all too familiar with the sensation of waking up ‘on the wrong side of bed’ – a feeling that the day is destined to go downhill from-the-off. In our groggy, early-morning states it doesn’t take much to set us on a negative path, but our AM attitudes are also easily swayed by the little wins. With a harsh deadline of 8.12am before the fate of our day is set, it’s important to emphasise the positive aspects of our early morning moments.