Shoreditch – coffee consumption and trainer collabs could be utilised indefinitely to pull off some sort of Boxpark light show…

A bit of explanation and a history lesson all in one..

By day Zadar – a coastal Croatian city – has what looks like a giant inactive circular solar panel situated on the edge of the ‘old’ city. However, the evening brings a brilliantly bright series of digital patterns, providing beautiful distinctive visuals for it’s nighttime revellers.



Thankfully it has a compass and co-ordinates too.

Named the Sun Salutation #yogadreams and created by designer Croatian Nikola Basic it brings thousands together at the edge of the city.

Powered by photovoltaic cells that use the intense solar rays from the day, enable it to burst into bright, neon patterns via the LED lights embedded in the panels over the course of the evening. The Sun Salutation opened in April 2005 and is formed from 300 multi layered glass panels with a 22 meter diameter.

The patterns that exude in the night are dependent on the solar energy collected in the day – pretty peng.


On experience it really is something to behold and admire, completely for the people and using the best attributes of the environment.

Naturally, I couldn’t help but think how different areas of London could maybe power this kind of clever installation, to suit their surrounding scapes…

Check it –

Westminster/Big B – Boris bikes obviously, that is kinetic energy to use #peak


(Mick Baker)rooster, flickr

no sneaky advertising here, just advertising..

SE, Peckham, New Cross – chicken shops/chicken pieces if this could be utilised somehow that would be really peak, succulent chicken when you need it and a nice light show.


Oxford Circus – it is home to the largest amount of flagship stores you will ever see, with Topshop’s hair salon, nail/eyebrow/cupcake/frozen yogurt/tattoo bars and EAT cafe [I hope] they would help a lightless bro out.

Camden Town – Use the market as a maze, for tourists to run around with fitbits on.


This isn’t the matrix it is Camden Town..

Greenwich – it has GMT, which is the centre of everything this seems logical.

Canary Wharf – many old suits to be recycled, only being powered monday to friday of course.

Notting Hill – carnival excitement like the way they power the town in Monsters inc.


North where the zoo is somewhere – lions and tigers and how they scare smaller people (like the way they power the town in Monsters inc, exactly the same though)

Farringdon – sweat from Fabric.. oh wait, scrap that..

Kensington – the science museum definitely must have some kind of energy collecting device for every kind of everything, they also have a lot of rocks that could be of use..

But if you do ever casually find yourself in Zadar, highly recommend checking out the Sun Salutation – it is renewable energy at it’s most creative.

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