For the first time in music history – a band is releasing an album of 101 rock songs and breaks the world record for most songs on a digital album. Former record holder was The Pocket Gods with 100 songs.

The new record holder Kapten Hurricane is an indie band from Gothenburg, Sweden, that celebrates 10 years as a band by transforming into a ridiculous metalband called Dead Summit.  

The album 100 rock songs is 101 rock songs filled with rock clichés and poor English. But sometimes there is some groove going on. You may experience some guilty pleasures. Sometimes it sounds like The Libertines and sometimes as an annoying local metal band.

The album is not a statement. There is no message. It’s only 101% nonsense. According to the band, it is a comment on the lack of decent pay for music that is created. “You get what you pay for”. In this case 101 meaningless rock songs. But this is not the case. They have done this to pass on some time and have a little fun with our facebook-fans.

Guiness World Record doesn’t allow proactive applications. The album was released yesterday and an application was sent in yesterday.

Listen to the album: