(Hand art – something you will learn at uni)

Having been a fresher twice now I feel this is enough to warrant me writing an article on the topic, so if you consider this satisfactory or not then go on keep scrolling. —>>>

It is September time, meaning freshers are rising, their nervy presence can be sensed all throughout the boroughs and outer zones of the capital. They roll in like waves to their designated halls for the academic year – the next generation of HE advocates is upon us. 

As a fresher in London, I mean the best thing to have to start with is money. Not to worry though, if you don’t have this resource infinitely that is okay – here are some things to help those of you alike myself living on that classic and cliche student deficit.

First things first I’m the realest, you aren’t balling on the student loan it may barely cover your rent so less heyday more saveday.


Yes these are dollars.

Two for one, 3 for two, 4 for 9 etc and deals are your calling. You may never have thought you are a coupon cutter, things change though. #sneaktuesdaysxoyo

Markets and general trash on the road could be your latest trendy furniture it will eventually be fashionable again, remember that vinyl, yeah we sure do.


You know ‘happy hour’ really means get there then, be nice to your bartender and they may even make it stronger. If you saw a poor student in need of a bev – why wouldn’t you lend a subtle extra special mix?


Ye old’ Weatherspoon’s do a great little booklet with cheap drinks on top of already cheap drinks – nab a few at your local or further afield freshers fayre, Southbank, Greenwich, UCL – all good ones.

Social fresher – do as many events as possible. You don’t have to get trashy trashed, there are plenty of civilised cheese and wine nights and boardgame chills – really, it’s the more people you know, the more people you know right.

Leave that seemingly attractive looking bro or bra giving you eyes in the kitchen who lives across the hall for later in the year, trust it will save an awkward que to the microwave when you’re dying for a bowl of oaty haven (porridge).

London has a lot to offer (vague), check out everywhere; galleries, theatre, museums (South Kensington), Southbank, Shoreditch, Camden – see where the tube goes.


Oh hey Natural History – nbd.

Uber/night buses/certain 24hr tubes are the cheap key if you are heading to late and obscure locations.

Everyday value and basics are new supermarket hotspots when shopping on your own (with parents finest is your area). The reduced section can be like a goldmine so head there first, try to shop in bulk at larger stores rather than smaller (more dollas, or pounds because that’s what we work in here across the board).

Ring yo’ fam when you need, they always have yo’ back – specially when yo’ got that freshers flu.

Charity shops, mass vintage goods sprawled in boxes are great to pick up trinkets/clothes which could define the new you, try Mile end or Camden. An edgy pair of ripped and/or bleached boyfriend jeans or maybe an ethnically inspired wall hanging, who knows?


Colour co-ordinating leather together is a must.

Try out all the parks and there is a fair few, Battersea, Hyde, Greenwich, Richmond ideally you would take your childhood pet but they maybe dead now so just to make it easier take an equally traumatised fresher pal.

Importantly, don’t forget why you are there and what you want to do with your time at uni.

Hope freshers is lit (well semi anyway..)


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