Aigle has been making high quality rubber goods since 1853. The company focuses on practical fashionable clothing and shoewear that perfectly displays their individual personality. Aigle clothing and boot lines represent high quality goods made form only the highest quality materials that are fashionable, authentic and made with love, paying close attention to detail in a way that only a master craftsman can. The brand offers a true perspective on the place of man in nature and celebrates both the freedom of movement and freedom of spirit. These values are beautifully captured in the new advertising campaign.

Today, Aigle is asking you to become a part of their brand new campaign: French But Wild. They want to show off their first brand new ad campaign, something that they are incredibly proud of. It captures three playful friends during a sunny afternoon, wondering around the most beautiful places in the world while having a bit of fun and playing badminton. Through the beautiful landscapes the video inspires you to escape to a carefree world where you feel comfort and joy. It showcases brands aspiration to a life of sensations and celebration of nature as a playground. It adds a “French touch” which shows how proud the French are of their natural tendency towards high fashion while showing off a fun and non-pretentious side. This commercial is the perfect example of the true spirit of the French people and it fits perfectly with their beautifully designed Autumn/Winter collection.

Competition on Instagram

Aigle has been an iconic French brand since 1853 and during the years it has build unique relationship with its customers. In order to reward this special bond and celebrate the launch of its first ever TV advertising campaign,  Aigle decided to invite their brand evangelist to join an amazing competition on Instagram where a few lucky followers will win an incredible treat- 2 plane tickets to travel around the world.

So if you are up for discovering the mos beautiful parts of the globe and are up for once in a lifetime chance for a wild adventure, it couldn’t be easier to enter the competition: just follow the @Aiglefr ( account and comment on the post-relay of the film stating your preferred destination among those featured in the video. Don’t forget to tag your friends that you want to experience it with as well.  At the end of the contest, Aigle will announce 2 lucky winners and transport them to the places of their dreams.

If this sounds like a company that you want to know more about, visit to see all of their great products especially their newest collection. You are sure to find something that you will love on the site. So join in the celebration and have some fun the French style.